Fundamentals in Group Benefits – Canadian

Fundamentals in Group Benefits – Canadian
Author: International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans
Copyright: 2018
Item #: ELB1

Learn what insurance is, why it is needed and the common benefits provided under group benefits plans. Differentiate between the plan sponsor’s and insurer’s roles and responsibilities regarding the management of a group benefits plan, including plan design, funding, pricing, claims and premium administration, participant communication and the renewal rating process.

Required courses to be taken in order:

  • The Group Insurance Landscape
  • Group Benefits Design and Administration
  • Group Benefits Funding and Pricing
  • Life Cycle of a Group Benefits Plan

No Course Extensions: This course is available for 180 days from the date of purchase. No course extensions will be granted and the course will need to be repurchased if it expires.

Learning Accommodations: Please call (833) 886-3749, Option 3 or email us at if you need any accommodations to aid your learning.

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