Payroll Auditing: A Guide for Multiemployer Plans, Second Edition

Payroll Auditing: A Guide for Multiemployer Plans, Second Edition
Author: Lawrence R. Beebe and Philip Vivirito
Copyright: 2013
Publisher: International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans
Edition: Second
Pages: 154
Item #: 7303

Larry Beebe and Philip Vivirito, two auditors with more than 65 years of experience in payroll audits for multiemployer funds, present their easy-to-read guide to the payroll audit process. This book is considered the payroll audit bible with a wealth of practical information and advice on how to conduct payroll audits and audit programs that are both effective and cost efficient.

For multiemployer plan trustees and administrators, the book offers guidance on how to:

  • Decide between using internal and external payroll auditors
  • Find, train and retain payroll auditors
  • Determine how frequently contributing employers should be audited
  • Prevent and collect delinquent employer contributions.

Payroll auditors will appreciate the sample letters, checklists and other forms that can be adapted for use during the audit process along with the practical advice on:

  • Scheduling field work and preparing the audit report
  • What to do when contributing employers are unable or unwilling to cooperate during the audit process
  • Distinguishing between alter ego and double-breasted companies
  • Serving as an expert witness when a collections case goes to court.

Throughout the book are answers to questions often asked by trustees, employers and payroll auditors. The authors use short, real-life and often funny stories that help illustrate points the authors are making.

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