Collecting Employer Contributions: The ERISA Litigation Guide

Collecting Employer Contributions: The ERISA Litigation Guide
Author: Travis J. Ketterman
Copyright: 2009
Publisher: International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans
Pages: 306
Item #: 6474

Unfortunately, there are times when multiemployer funds must take legal action in the pursuit of payroll information and delinquent contributions. The process can be time-consuming, confusing and littered with legal jargon. Not anymore! Use this step-by-step guide to filing a collections suit under ERISA. Trustees will appreciate the plain English used to explain the collection process. Trust fund attorneys will value the practical pointers that can help increase the likelihood of a positive outcome. The appendix contains nearly 200 pages of sample legal forms and other model documents common to the collection of employer contributions.

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Keywords: audit|collection|ERISA|litigation|multiemployer|United States|U.S.|checklists|legal forms|notices|sample documents|model documents

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