Your Pension and Your Spouse, Eighth Edition

Your Pension and Your Spouse, Eighth Edition
Author: R. George Martorana
Copyright: 2020
Publisher: International Foundation
Edition: 8th
Pages: 32
Item #: 8119

This helpful workbook provides step-by-step guidelines for married employees in a defined benefit pension plan who must decide between an employee-only annuity and a joint and survivor annuity that pays pension benefits during an employee's lifetime as well as during the lifetime of a surviving spouse. Income and expense worksheets will help the user evaluate how much money is needed for retirement. Tables on life expectancy and lump-sum pension values are handy tools that will also help with the decision-making process.




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Keywords: retirement|pensions|ERISA|life expectancy|joint and survivor pension|pop-up option|lump-sum values|worksheets|unmarried|Retirement Equity Act|planning|wills|health status|health histories|financial advisor|estate planning|assets|life insurance|marketable investments|annual disbursements


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