Employee Benefits Survey: 2022 Results

Employee Benefits Survey: 2022 Results
Author: International Foundation
Copyright: 2022
Publisher: International Foundation
Pages: 71
Item #: 8409E

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This survey report is the eighth in a series examining employee benefit offerings from corporations, public employers and multiemployer benefit plans across the United States. The report reveals trends, insights and benchmarking data for pension and retirement plans, health care benefits and other benefits such as life insurance, vacation, sick time, paid time off, disability and work/life balance. Information includes data on defined benefit and defined contribution plans; financial education and retirement planning; health care coverage and arrangements; and benefits for prescription drugs, dental, vision, wellness, mental health, fertility, orthodontia and more.

Keywords: Benefits|General|Communication|Education and Training|Health and Welfare|Cost Management|Coverage/portability|Dental care|Pharmacy benefits|Self-funding|Wellness|Human Resources|Multiemployer Plans|New Products|Flexible benefit plans|Survivor benefits|Personal finance|Pension and Retirement|Defined benefit plans|Defined contribution plans|Funding|Joint and survivor benefits|Public Employee Plans|Survey Reports|United States|

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