Life Cycle of a Group Retirement Plan

Life Cycle of a Group Retirement Plan
Author: International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans
Item #: BLUE-9734

Canadian One-Credit Course

This course outlines the CAP provider’s role and responsibilities at all stages of a capital accumulation plan (CAP) life cycle—prospecting, quoting/proposing, selling, implementing, servicing and terminating a group retirement plan. The application of principles of ethical decision making throughout the life cycle of a CAP is examined from the perspectives of plan sponsors, CAP provider, plan advisers and plan members.

Course Outline

Recommended Sequence: It is recommended that you take this course last after The Retirement Landscape, Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans and Retirement Plan Sponsor Responsibilities.

No Course Extensions: This course is available for 180 days from the date of purchase. No course extensions will be granted and the course will need to be repurchased if it expires.

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