Ready or Not: Your Retirement Planning Guide, 48th Edition

Ready or Not: Your Retirement Planning Guide, 48th Edition
Author: International Foundation
Copyright: 2022
Publisher: International Foundation
Edition: 48th
Pages: 163
Item #: 8348

This practical, comprehensive book will help employees prepare for all facets of a satisfying and comfortable retirement. In addition to the financial and legal details of retirement, this book encourages workers to take a holistic view of life after work, including the emotional, physical and psychological aspects that are often missing from other retirement books. Early chapters explore retirement savings, health insurance and other benefits, early retirement, Social Security and estate planning. Later content focuses on deciding where to live, pursuing educational or money-making opportunities, getting the most of out of your time, changing family dynamics and caregiving.

Keywords: Retirement|Social Security|Consumer education|Health insurance|Financial planning|Retirement planning|Consumer guides\



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